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FREE Use of Motorcycle, Helmets, Gloves and Waterproofs!

125cc motorbike    motorcycle helmet

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Availability of Motorcycle Training Equipment.

Available Motorcycle Training Equipment consists of:

Motorcycles available for our clients use are as follows,
50cc automatic moped, 125cc geared motorcycle, 500cc and 600cc motorcycles.

Helmets for all sizes are available from x.s to xxl,
gloves, jackets and Nylon waterproof overtrousers.

Our goal has always been to do as much as we can to enable anybody to start Motorcycle Training, including CBT (Compulsory Basic Training), DAS (Direct Access Courses) as quickly and easily as possible.

The only thing that we require from you is that you are at least 16 years old and hold a current and valid Provisional Driving Licence.