Safe Riding

Riding on the Road – with Safety in mind.

This is just a brief insight into safe riding practices and some of the things you are going to encounter when out on the road, just doing simple things like asking yourself… 

Will that driver see me or not?
Is that dog going to come out of the path at me?

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself,
Every time before you go out on the road…

Q. Do I have the right gear (Clothing) on?
Q. Will my bike be safe and reliable when I go out?
Q. Will I be seen easily out on the road?

These are just the tip of the things you should be doing yourself, so let’s get cracking and go through some of them.

Wearing the right Gear (Clothing), as the gear you wear is all important just to make you safeLeather is the best protection you can get, be it a one piece or two ( i.e. jacket and trousers ). The best option it to ask yourself will “I” be ok out all day in this.

The other types of motorcycle clothing are Gortex and Nylon, these are often know as all year round clothing (usually jackets and pants), these can offer you the same protection as Leather as most of them have armour padding (Look for the CE Approved Label) on them and zip out linings, (useful if it gets hot, you just stop and take the inner lining out to help keep you cool).

Also when you go looking for clothing see if it has got some M3 reflectors on or some bright colours on it, as this helps you to be seen out on the road.

This also applies to your hands, your feet, and most importantly your head, always ask yourself is this right for me, and never let someone pick them for you, as it’s you that puts them on – Not Them!