Motorcycle Practical Test

The New Practical Motorcycle Test

The new practical motorcycle test is now in force, to comply with new regulations from Europe.

The new motorcycle test involves more demanding special manoeuvres.

  • Two manoeuvres at slow speed including slalom
  • Two manoeuvres at higher speed, one of which in 2nd or 3rd gear at 30km/h or more and one at 50km/h avoiding an obsatacle
  • Two braking exercises including emergency stop at 50km/h or more.

The high speed and other exercises will be tested off-road and will take about eight minutes.

This will be followed by the on-road part of the test, but those who have been dangerously incompetent in the off-road section will NOT be allowed to continue.

To deliver this test, their will eventually be 65 new test centres throughout the UK. Some of these will be at ‘multi-purpose’ test centres for cars and motorcycles.

Take a look at the new multipurpose test centre situated in St Helens.
The address is: 1 Navigation Way, Off Pocket Nook Street, St Helens, WA91LA.